Bus Ministry
Leader: Bro. Barry and Sis.Lynn Moore


As of July 16, 2011, we at Praise Temple Apostolic Church observed our five-year anniversary in the Bus Ministry.  What an amazing ride (pun intended), and we have only just begun.  We look forward to seeing what God has in store for us in the next five years.  Thank you to our pastor for his vision, faith, and help in this outreach ministry. 

Thanks to all who have worked, sacrificed, and obeyed the Lord in helping with driving the church bus or the van, on either a regular basis or just a fill-in.  We realize you work long hours at home and you’re tired, but you are such a tremendous help in this ministry.  How could we do it without you?  God will surely bless and reward you for your service.

We owe much thanks to all the members of Praise Temple who donate their loose change and dollar bills each Sunday morning for this ministry.  All the little children have a blast participating with the collection of the change, and oh, what a precious sight to watch these children have fun in the wonderful name of the Lord!

But mostly, thank you God for this golden opportunity and privilege to serve You in such a mighty way.  Sure, it may be long hours, lots of phone calls, and constant prayer, but it’s worth it!  We see our rewards when children and adults that ride the bus go to the altar and give their life to You.  Naturally, not all have stayed, but many have, and we have watched them grow by “leaps and bounds” in their Christian walk.  They have become faithful members of the church and they love You with all their heart.  We know there are many more in the community that are just waiting for someone to call or knock on their door and bus them to church.  Show us the way to their door!

It may be true that a ministry only has as much potential as its leaders and workers have faith, but we must also include prayer, love, commitment, persistence, and communication.  We are all working in the bus ministry because we love Jesus and we want to see people saved!  Together, we are reaching and helping children and adults…we are making a difference in their lives! 

Bro. & Sis. Moore 






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