October 2018   
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6:00 PM
Sis Stacey will be having her weekly bible study in the fellowship hall.


Wednesday Schedule
Evening Service 7:00pm
7:00 PM
We will be having cake and ice cream after service.


Sunday Schedule
Morning Service 10:00am
Evening Service 6:00pm


6:00 PM
Sis Stacey will be having her weekly bible study in the fellowship hall.
Bible Search
Sunday School Department
Sunday School Administrator: Sister Cindi Cook


 If you took a poll today and asked what people remember most about their younger days in church I’m sure their response would be Sunday School. Why? Because it was there that those exciting Bible Stories came to life. Who could forget the first time they heard about Noah and the Ark and all those animals? What about David and Goliath? The way the teachers taught us with such enthusiasm is something I know I’ll never forget. Why I can still quote my first memory verse. And the singing - boy did we love to sing those songs for Jesus. “This Little Light of Mine”, “Yes, Jesus Loves Me”, just to name a few. Sundays were always special times - it was a day set aside just for Church.

But times are changing. We live in such a busy society and with the economy like it is today we find parents are working extra jobs just to support their families. Some are not able to come to Church because of their work schedule but they still want their children to have the benefits of church. That is why about 4 years ago our Pastor had a burden to start a bus ministry that we might help those who do not drive and to accommodate those working parents. We believe we must be of service to our community.

We believe with so many decisions that befall us, a person should not have to worry about their children when it comes to Sunday School. We know that if you send your child to public school there is not an option as to where they go. You must send them to the one that is available in your area. But when it comes to Sunday School, it seems like there is a church on every corner. So, which one do you go to? Which one will be the right choice for you and your family?

The Sunday School Staff at Praise Temple understands this. We know that people who come to Praise Temple have chosen us and we do not take that for granted. Our teachers love working and ministering to children and they are dedicated to their cause.  We understand that children have different needs according to their ages. Therefore, we try to provide classes to fit those needs. We have a Nursery that is available for infants up to age one. Then we have a class for 1 & 2 year olds called the “Adventures”. Our “Little Giants” Class is made up of 3 & 4 year olds. From there the children are promoted to our “King’s Kids” which is compiled of school ages from K thru 6th. They have their own little Sanctuary in our Fellowship Hall that was created just for them. These classes are carefully structured with a Bible lesson, craft-time and a snack before they leave. The next two classes we have are designed more for the needs of older youth. Our Pre-Teen Class is ages 12 & 13 and our Teen Class is ages 14 thru 18. Both classes work to inspire our young people to study the Word of God for themselves. They are also taught good, Godly principles and ways they can apply them to their every day lives. And on every 5th Sunday we combine all the classes together for one big “Super Church” in which they come together in worship and praise that is geared for their level.

Come check us out! We would love the opportunity to minister this great Gospel to your children. I promise you they will not find more love and compassion anywhere else.