November 2019  
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Bro. Michael, Sis. Sherri Hollingsworth, and Maharei Johnson

"We moved to Madisonville in Oct. 2011 and decided our move wouldn't be complete without a church home. As we continued to ride past Praise Temple, my wife wouldalways say; "That's going to be my church home!' She went and met with Pastor Cook, he invited us to Wednesday night service. We went that Sunday and we loved the service as well as the congregation. This is a soul winning, bible teaching church and if you're searching the Lord, this is the place to be. God always in the midst of service. You will definitely feel Gods presence!"



Bro. Chet Fuller

" I am glad to be a part of Praise Temple. It's good to be a part of a church that ministers to me and my needs.  I also like having people my own age to fellowship with who accept me for who I am.






Bro. Sam, Sis. Missy, and Brianna Britt

"It's been a privilege to be a part of the friendliest church in Kentucky. One of the first sermons we heard here was "Get Up Out Of That Rut."  It made me look into our lives and see that we had fallen into a "routine" and we needed to be challenged. We needed to experience God on a new level. Here at Praise Temple, Pastor Cook seems to always say something that sticks with me. I receive something every time I come to church. Pastor Cook is one of the greatest preachers I have ever been priviledged to hear. I'm thankful for the people of Praise Temple for allowing us to be a part and to worship with them. They are more than friendly, they are family. At Praise Temple, the preaching will affect you, and you will enjoy the music and singing. We have enjoyed this past year at Praise Temple and our plans are to do more for God than we have ever done in years past."


Bro. Travis, Sis. Tina Hughes and family

"When we came here to Praise Temple, it was different than what we were used to. When we came to this church, it was a big change. But we found a church home with people that accept you. The fellowship here is wonderful. I would recommend anyone to come and fellowship with us. You're sure to enjoy it!"







 Bro. Matt and Sis. Rebecca Frias

They had served the Lord for many years in Providence, KY. They had different needs when they arrived at Praise Temple.

"We came to Praise Temple looking for direction from the Lord. We desired new areas of ministry to work in. When God led us here, we found healing and strength to accomplish the work God has led us to do."







Bro Jay Richardson